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Image Rotator Options

  • Rotate image for social media profiles

    Rotate digital pictures before uploading them to your social profile on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Google Ads. Rotate portrait or landscape images online. The tool will keep the original image quality.

  • Set custom image rotation settings

    If you need, you can use our image editor to rotate photo with custom parameters. Rotate image online to a necessary angle, set portrait or landscape orientation. Rotate the pic on a canvas the way you need.

  • Rotate images automatically

    Image rotator can easily change the default orientation of your pictures. Rotate pictures to any angle in seconds. Simply upload an image and select the desired option.

  • Rotate images online

    Rotator, you can rotate an image on any device for free. Upload image file from a computer, laptop, iPhone or Android smartphone, or tablet. What you need are a web browser and a stable Internet connection.

Why using Free Image Rotator?

  • With Free Image Rotator, you can rotate as many photos as you wish. There is no need to sign up or create an account. Rotate your images without any restrictions.
  • Rotate your images in seconds. Upload any photo to our web tool and it will rotate the picture for you.
  • Image Rotation Tool is completely safe to use. When you upload your files, you can be sure that no one will see or get access to them. We don't keep your media data anywhere.
  • Free Image Rotator tool provides a huge number of ready profiles and settings. You can set any degree to customize the orientation of your digital pictures.
  • Online Image Rotator keeps the original quality of your photo after rotation. The tool doesn't reduce the number of pixels or squeeze the image. The rotated pictures will have the same quality as the original photos.

How to rotate image?

  • 1

    To rotate an image, first of all, click the "Upload" button and select the image that you want to rotate.

  • 2

    You can upload a photo in any image format: JPG, PNG, BMP, [GIF].

  • 3

    Choose whether you want to rotate the image 90 or 180 degrees and click the "OK" button. Save rotated image.