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  • Facebook profile picture
    Facebook profile picture dimensions should be a minimum of 180×180 pixels. Make sure your image is pretty large to be displayed properly both on desktop PCs and smartphones.
  • Facebook stories
    Here, you should simply follow the recommended dimensions of 1080×1920 pixels. Upload images both from your phone or computer and resize them for free in a second.
  • Facebook marketplace
    Facebook marketplace requires the image resolution of 1200×1200 pixel. Crop your photos without quality loss.
  • Facebook link image
    Keep Facebook link images between 600×315 and 1200×630 pixels for better view. Use our ready solutions to resize photos and pictures for free automatically.
  • Facebook image post
    Fb post guidelines recommend keeping the image resolution between 600×315 and 1200×630 pixels.
  • Facebook cover photo
    Ideal cover photo resolution depends on the type of device. For mobile view, it's 640×360 while for desktop computer it's 820×312 pixels.
  • Facebook right column
    Make sure the resolution of your ads image is 1200×1200 pixels. According to stats, it works best of all. Also, ror the right column, you should choose the 1200×1200 pixel option.
  • Facebook instant articles
    The best option for instant article image resolution is 1200×1200 pixels.
  • Facebook event image
    The ideal resolution for an event image is 1920×1005 pixels. Use the ready preset to resize pictures, change your image aspect ratio and to fit your event page.
  • Facebook group cover
    Group cover photo should fit the size of 1640×856 pixels. Resize jpg and png pictures for free here.
  • Facebook highlighted image
    The guidelines say the best resolution is 1200×717. The tool will automatically resize the image for your highlighted image.
  • Facebook feed
    Make sure your photo fits the dimensions of 1080×1350 pixels. If not, you can easily use our free tool to change the size of your jpeg or png image files.
  • YouTube profile picture
    The best size option for YouTube profile pic is 800×800 pixels.
  • YouTube display ads
    For the display ads, the guidelines recommend keeping the 300×250 pixel resolution.
  • YouTube banner
    Perfect YouTube banner resolution is 2560×1440. Please make sure your original image is large enough. The online service doesn't increase the resolution of an image.
  • YouTube companion banner ads
    The companion banner ads parameters: 300×60 pixels. The banner is displayed on a video so that a viewer can click on it.
  • YouTube Channel Art TV
    The recommended channel art resolution for TV is 2560×1440 pixels.
  • YouTube Channel Art desktop
    For desktop viewers, crop your pic dimensions to 2560×423 px.
  • YouTube thumbnail size
    Use YouTube thumbnail with the dimensions of 1280×720. Crop the unwanted image parts if necessary.
  • YouTube overlay ads
    Overlay ads should follow the parameters: 480×60 pixels. By clicking on it, the viewer will be redirected to your website landing page.
  • YouTube Channel Art tablet
    For viewers who use tablet for watching videos, keep the channel art resolution at 1855×423.
  • YouTube Channel Art mobile
    For mobile users, the perfect size for channel art is 1546×423. However, please keep in mind that it won't look good on larger devices such as TV or desktop.
  • Instagram Profile Pic Size
    The Instagram profile image should be 320×320 pixels. Since Instagram cuts the image and turns it in a round one, make sure the main part of your image is in the center.
  • Instagram ad square
    Your square ad photos should be optimized at 1080×1080 pixels.
  • Instagram ad portrait
    The Ad portrait image should fit the specs of 1080×1350 pixels.
  • Instagram reels
    The most commonly used video ratio of reels is 9:16 with an image size of 1080×1920 pixels. You can easily resize jpg and png pictures for free with our tool.
  • Instagram square size
    The right size for the square format is 1080×1080 pixels.
  • Instagram stories
    The most commonly used video ratio of stories is 9:16 with an image size of 1080×1920 pixels.
  • Instagram post size
    The regular post needed to be sized to 1080×1350 pixels.
  • Instagram landscape post
    Recommended landscape image size for this social network is 1080×566 pixels.
  • Instagram portrait post
    The preferred resolution for portrait post is 1080×1350 pixels.
  • Instagram landscape ads
    Keep in mind that 1080×566 pixels size is also ideal for landscape image ads.
  • Instagram IGTV cover
    For the IGTV cover, you should crop pictures, photos and images to 420×654 pixels.
  • Twitter profile picture size
    Twitter profile image should be cropped at a maximum of 400×400 px.
  • Twitter conversation card
    For Twitter conversation card, follow 800×418 px resolution.
  • Twitter fleets images
    If you want to use fleets images for your brand, make sure to resize them to 1080×1920.
  • Twitter banner size
    For Twitter banner, follow the specs of 1500×500.
  • Twitter website card ad
    For a website card image, stick to 800×800 px specs.
  • Twitter card image (min)
    The minimum Twitter card image parameters are 120×120.
  • Twitter direct message
    If you want to send a photo in a direct message, crop the image to 800×418 to prevent quality loss.
  • Twitter post image
    The best size for Twitter post image is 1200×675. Crop images to fit these requirements.
  • Twitter app card ad
    The app card ads need to be cropped to 800×800 resolution.
  • Twitter carousels
    Twitter carousels require the size of 800×800 px.
  • Twitter video thumbnail
    To get more from video thumbnail, try resizing thumbnail images to 640×360.
  • LinkedIn logo size
    According to Linkedin guidelines, the perfect logo specs are 300×300. Make sure your photo fits this resolution before posting.
  • LinkedIn background photo
    The background photo should not be larger than 1584×396. Crop the background photos easily without losing quality.
  • LinkedIn link post
    If you want to share a link post with an image, use the 1200×627 image parameters. The original quality will be saved.
  • LinkedIn stories
    The ideal image for LinkedIn stories is 1080×1920. You may use these parameters both for video and pics,
  • LinkedIn life tab image
    The life tab image can show the info about your business. Keep its dimensions at 1128×376.
  • LinkedIn profile picture
    LinkedIn pfp should follow the 1:1 aspect ratio. The minimum image specs are 400×400.
  • LinkedIn cover photo
    Cover photo should bring attention to your business. Create an eye-catching image with the following specs: 1128×191
  • LinkedIn blog post link
    For LinkedIn blog post link, apply an image equivalent to 1200×627 px.
  • LinkedIn square post
    The square post for LinkedIn should be customized to 1200×1200 width and height.
  • LinkedIn dynamic ad
    Convert images to JPG or PNG format and use 100×100 px resolution for a dynamic ad.
  • LinkedIn sponsored content
    When creating sponsored content, stick to 1200×627 px.
  • LinkedIn business banner
    For business banner, upload an image that is 646×220 px.
  • LinkedIn portrait post
    LinkedIn portrait post needs to be converted to 1080×1350 pixels.
  • Google Display skyscraper
    Google Display Skyscraper specs are 120×600 pixels. Please upload high-quality pic without image distortion.
  • Google Display leaderboard
    Customize Display Leaderboard ad at 728×90 px. Although, the pic is not large, you may still use it well to promote your goods.
  • Google Display mobile banner
    Use free online app to customize your mobile banner ad at 300×50.
  • Google Display banner
    Cropping your display banner to 468×60, will help you promote your website and grab attention.
  • Google Display portrait
    Keep the display portrait ad at 300×1050. You may crop the image with free online tool and save a new file to post on a website.
  • Google Display vertical rectangle
    Google Display Vertical rectangle should be kept at 240×400 pixels.
  • Google Display half banner
    The half banner specs are 234×60. Make it colorful and noticable.
  • Google Display small square
    Google Display small square ad recommended resolution is 200×200. Use our free online tools to convert your image to necessary parameters.
  • Google Display wide skyscraper
    The wide skyscraper ad best parameters are 160x600. Convert images to new height and width with Image Cropper.
  • Google Display large leaderboard
    The large leaderboard ad optimal specs are 970×90.
  • Google Display large mobile
    To use the large mobile ad, crop images to 320×50.
  • Google Display top banner
    Ensure your top banner ad fits 930×180 px before placing it on the website.
  • Google Display large mobile
    Large mobile ads are perfect if your audience mostly uses smartphones and tablets. The recommended specs are 320×100.
  • Google Display panorama
    Set the panorama ads specs to 980×120 for better results.
  • Google Display billboard
    Make sure your display billboard ad is within 970×250.
  • Google Display square
    Display square ad resolution is 250×250 px. Make sure the text is as visible as possible.
  • Google Display medium rectangle
    The medium rectangle ad optimum specs are 300×250 px.
  • Google Display netboard
    The Display netboard are perfect if you want to merge several images and animations. You should keep them at 580×400.
  • Google Display half-page ad
    Create unforgettable half-page ad with a resolution of 300×600.
  • Google Display triple widescreen
    The triple widescreen ad ideal resolution is 250×360 px. Use it to promote in Europe.
  • Google Display inline rectangle
    If you want to place an ad at the end of the post, better use the inline rectangle ad and set the parameters to 300×250.
  • Google Display large rectangle
    Crop images to 336×280 for large rectangle ads.

Crop Image for Facebook

With Online Image Cropper, you can easily crop photo for your Facebook profile. You don't need to look for the necessary file resolution. Use one of the ready options for Facebook, and the tool will edit the images for you.

Crop Image for YouTube

Online image cropping tool will help you prepare images for your YouTube profile. Upload your photo and choose whether you want to cut an image for a YouTube profile, YouTube cover, or one of the YT ads resolutions. Then click the Crop button and let the service do the rest for you.

Crop Image for Instagram

Crop image online for uploading to Instagram. You can either choose one of the ready presets or set the cropping parameters manually. Don't forget to download the ready file on your PC or smartphone.

Crop Image for Twitter

Online Image Cropper provides a number of ready presets for Twitter images. You don't need to install difficult software to crop your images. Just upload your pics to our service and get the job done in literally two clicks.

Crop Image for LinkedIn

Crop your images for LinkedIn in a couple of clicks. You simply need to upload a file that you want to cut and select whether you want to crop it for a LinkedIn profile pic, cover, ad, or any other purpose.

Crop Image for Google Ads

Use Online Image Cropping tool to prepare images for your Google Ads campaign. We collected the most popular image sizes used in Google Ads. You only need to select the desired resolution, and the service will edit the pic for you.

Image Cropper Features

  • Prepare photos for any social media platform

    Crop pictures before uploading them to your social media profile. The tool will keep the original quality of your image. Crop photos for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, etc.

  • Crop your images automatically

    Use the ready templates to crop image without dealing with settings. You don't need to be a computer geek. Simply upload a photo and let the tool do the job for you.

  • Select custom settings

    If you need, you can edit cropping parameters manually. Change orientation, set custom size in pixels, aspect ratio, and add photo effects. Crop as many pictures as you like.

  • Crop images online

    Use image cropper on any device for free. Upload files from a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You only need a web browser and a stable Internet connection.

Why using Free Image Cropper?

  • No limitations! With Free picture cropper, you can crop as many pictures as you wish. There are no restrictions. You don't need to subscribe or create an account.
  • Image cropping has never been so easy! You can crop photo for free literally in seconds.
  • Free Image Cropper is safe to use. No one will see or download your images. Thus you can add any pictures including personal photos and pictures of documents.
  • Free Image Cropping tool is highly customizable. You can choose between automatic and manual modes. The latter will let you use precise settings for your files.
  • Online Image Cropper saves the original quality of your photos. You can be sure that the tool will provide the cropped picture in the same quality as the original files.

How to crop image?

  • 1

    It's incredibly easy to crop images with our free tool.

  • 2

    Upload a photo in any format: JPG, BMP, [GIF], PNG images.

  • 3

    When the photo appears on a canvas, crop the image by dragging the crop area or by setting the desired size.

  • 4

    Click "OK" when you are done cropping the photo. Don't forget to download the cropped image. Crop more photos in the same way.